What Do We Offer?

Virtual Tour 360° (VT360°)

Virtual Tour 360° is technology that allows users to interact with an environment that is simulated by a computer, not only Virtual environment but also possible to merge some additional interactive components such as form of text, images, sounds, and even videos directly into the Virtual Tour 360°. Here are the example of products we offer, please take a look:

Virtual Tour 360° presents a visual experience as if we are in a real place. Application can be easily accessed via internet and displayed on a computer screen, tablet or mobile phone. This is expected to be attractive media promotional to represent the real situation and affect the increasing visitors or prospective customers to come.

You can see some samples of alternative package here:  http://ursamadjor.com/vr360/ Most of them choose alternative package because it fits with their needs. Always be wise.

Web Promotion VR360°

We provide media promotion (web based) through a special portal for Virtual Tour 360° www.ursamadjor.com which visited by thousands of visitors every month. Each client who cooperate with us (premium package) will automatically published (advertised) on this website which can help companies increase the traffic to be visited by many cyber potential customers inside and outside the county.